Current Projects

Town of Oakland, Maine

The Town of Oakland contracted AS&P to digitally compile and update their tax maps and provide town wide color orthophotography. Black & White aerial photography was obtained in the fall at a 1"=600' negative scale to compile the planimetric base map. Color photography was obtained in May and used to create town wide 1' pixel orthophotos. New property maps were built from the planimetric base map, survey plans, deed research and the digital orthophotos.

Town of Lunenburg, Massachusetts

Cartographic Associates, Inc. of Littleton, New Hampshire hired AS&P to provide them with Digital Photogrammetric Mapping for eventual use in a GIS for the Town. Aerial Triangulation of 125 models was performed. Photogrammetric Base Mapping at 1"=100' was completed for use by CAI in preparing the parcel maps. CAI took our data and converted the digital mapping to Arc Coverages.

Proposed Transmission Line in Eastern Maine

HDR/DTA hired AS&P to fly and map an 85 mile corridor from Orrington to Woodland, Maine and provide Black & White orthophotography. The project area was flown at a 1"=600' negative scale in November. The imagery was used to map planimetric features and 2' contours within the 800' corridor and to generate 0.5' pixel orthophoto mosaic sheets for design and planning.

Rhadco Plumbing, Heating and Cooling


Aerial Survey & Photo, Inc. has provided high quality mapping services to a wide range of private, professional, government, and industrial clients since 1975. Located adjacent to the Central Maine Regional Airport, our facility & crew provide start to finish aerial photography, survey, and mapping services.

We also have extensive knowledge in all phases of photogrammetry, including professional services in photographic reproductions, control survey, topographic and planimetric mapping, orthophotography, digital data collection, G.I.S., volume determinations and consulting services


  • Aerial Photography
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Municipal Mapping
  • Photogrammetry
  • Tax Mapping