About Our Firm

Incorporated in 1975, Aerial Survey & Photo, Inc. has enjoyed a tradition of providing high quality mapping services to a wide range of private, professional, government and industrial clientele throughout New England. Since its inception our company has been a full service photogrammetric firm with a reputation of high standards and timely performance.
Aerial Survey & Photo, Inc. has extensive knowledge in all phases of photogrammetry, including professional service in aerial photography, photographic reproductions, orthophotography, control surveys, topographic and planimetric mapping, digital data collection, Geographic Information systems (G.I.S.), volume determinations, and consulting services. The firm includes individuals with experience in computer science, cartography, geography, photography, photogrammetry and other related fields. Classified as a small business, we have maintained working alliances with surveyors, engineers and planners in completing complex projects. Therefore, those affiliations continue to allow us the privilege of long standing relationships with a number of clients who return on a regular basis for our services.

Our facility, located adjacent to the Central Maine Regional Airport, allows our aircraft and flight crew immediate mobilization to obtain aerial photography. Aerial film processing, printing and other black & white photographic processes are prepared in-house to obtain the ultimate in resolution and distinctive properties.

Photogrammetric compilation is achieved on direct projection, optical train plotting and digital softcopy instruments. Digital data collection and editing is accomplished with the latest AutoCAD and Datem softwares. Editing of digital map data is performed with "off-line" graphic workstations and delivered on various storage media including CD-ROM, DVD or external hard drives in DWG, DGN, DXF and many other file types. Finished drawings are generated on a variety of media using Hewlett Packard Photo quality inkjet plotters.

Aerial Survey & Photo, Inc.'s services compliment each other. With our personnel, equipment, and support staff, we can focus on all your individual project requirements however small or large. Let us show you how we can make a difference with your next project.